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The Moder Method ® Pain Relief


The Moder Method ® is a proven practice of pain relief. Our unique and endorsed alternative therapy is designed to reduce pain and relieve discomfort, such as back pain, headache, knee, shoulder, hip joint, carpal tunnel, or related pain, in a natural way.    

The Moder Method ® is a self-healing method. The treatment is based on our long-term experience in the field and over 20 000 therapy treatments with highly successful results. We also provide personal visits upon request and agreement, both domestic and abroad.

The Moder Method ® of Pain Relief is an alternative therapy designed to eliminate pain and health imbalances in a natural way, using healing body candles, energy, harmonization therapy, Dorn Method, etc.

  1. Michael Moder
    Michael Moder
    Michael Moder is an Alternative Therapist, Fitness and Nutritional Consultant, and the inventor of the Moder Method ®, a revolutionary therapy.
  2. Body and Ear Candles
    Body and Ear Candles
    Our uniquely designed therapeutic products include: Body Candles, Ear Candles, Special Candles, Reflective Candles, Pentagram and Chakra Candles.
  3. The Moder Method ®
    The Moder Method ®
    The Moder Method ® of Pain Relief, an alternative therapy, is designed to cure pain and health imbalances in a natural way.
  4. Fast Relief from Pain
    Fast Relief from Pain
    The Moder Method ® of Pain Relief is a unique and original method based on innate talent and long-term experience.

   The Moder Method ® of Pain Relief, a unique alternative therapy, was created based on 35 years’ experience and skills in the field of health.    

   Located abroad? We are able to arrange appointments in your domicile. Just contact us and we do the rest.



To elevate our healing treatment to an art.    
To show the way to self-improvement to those who are willing to work on themselves.


I have known Michael for years. At first, Michael was my private trainer in a gym, a fantastic trainer! I had suffered from back pain after injuring my spine in a car accident. Michael took all these circumstances into account, as well as starting to heal my body through a unique therapy. The combination of long experience in various fields, such as fitness trainer, nutritionist and  therapist, results in a very holistic approach and that is what counts. Michael is a very gifted person. He immediately finds all the knots and tension points. He knows what he is doing and you experience that relief when the pain is gone or drastically reduced. You don’t need painkillers, you need Michael! I highly recommend Michael! I value him both professionally and personally.
K. Medkova    
Hello Mr. Moder
I would just like to thank you for your consultation and treatment last Friday.
My back is 85 % better
If the pain gets worse, I will contact you again.
Thank you
Best Regards
J. Jackson

I sincerely recommend Michael's healing program and his assistance. I myself had serious problems with my shoulder and cervical spine. It was so bad that my arm was nearly paralyzed. My migraine was so serious, knocking me out of normal life for a couple days.
After only one treatment ...... I no longer have a problem with my arm or shoulder... and the headaches, which lasted for a matter of four or five days a week...are just very sporadic. I do believe if I had the time and opportunity to undergo a second treatment, I would never again suffer from migraine for the rest of my life.
God bless ya Michael,... and keep going please,the world needs people like you !!! 
H. Hexe
NaturalHealing.Help - The Moder Method ® Pain Relief